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Droids On Roids

Long-term partner for startups and enterprises

We understand the importance of finding a long-term partner who can handle the entire app development process, and we're here to be that partner for you. Here's why you should choose us:

  1. Risk-Free Trial: We offer a two-week trial period where you can try our services, and if you decide to cancel the partnership, you retain the rights to your code.
  2. Fast App Demo: Within seven days, you'll receive the first demo of your app, allowing you to visualize its progress and provide early feedback.
  3. Ownership of IP Rights: Throughout the development process, you'll retain full ownership of the intellectual property rights to your app.
  4. Dedicated Team: We allocate an exclusively dedicated team that is 100% focused on your product. As the Product Owner, you'll have direct contact with each team member through various communication channels, including Slack, email, video calls, Scrum meetings, or even in-person visits to our office.
  5. Efficient and Transparent Work: Our certified Scrum Masters ensure the efficiency and transparency of the team's work, following Agile methodologies to deliver high-quality results.
  6. Save Time: By partnering with us, you can save valuable time and resources as you won't need to spend time building your own development team or looking for an office space. You can start working on your project right away.

About Us:

We have a talented team of 70+ professionals who work exclusively from our office.
Our expertise covers a wide range of categories, including mobile commerce, Internet of Things (BLE), fintech, and business solutions.
Technologies We Work With:

  • Programming Languages: Kotlin, Java, Swift, Dart, Ruby, Objective-C, C (NDK), JavaScript/node.js
  • Web Frameworks: Ruby On Rails, React, Express
  • Cross-Platform Development: Flutter, React Native
  • Testing: Espresso, XCTest, Jest, Rspec, Capybara
We are committed to delivering exceptional results and being a reliable partner in your app development journey. Let us take care of the technical aspects so you can focus on your business objectives.

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  • Founded In : 2011
  • Employees : 49-99
  • Rate Card : $25-$49 / hr
  • Ticket Size : min $5000
  • Projects Done : 1000+
  • xxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.com

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Address Headquarters :

Ruska 51B Wrocław, Borowa, Wroclaw ,Poland 50079

Core Expertise :
  • App
Other Experties
  • Software Development
  • App Development

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Wojciech Szwajkiewicz Founder of Droids On Roids
Wojciech Szwajkiewicz

Founder of Droids On Roids

I am running Droids On Roids, a full-service iOS, Android and Web Development Company from Poland, operating since 2011. We partner with the best start-ups and great brands to build high-performing mobile & web apps. Companies that love the quality of our code are Whatsapp, Facebook, Disney, Electric Objects and Giphy, just to name a few.


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